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Want to be a part of something exciting and new?

We’re looking for original works to be a part of our first ever One Act Festival coming up in February! If you think you’ve got something up your sleeve, submit below! Also wanting to direct your show? Reach out to Lane Wright at


  • All genres and cast sizes are welcome (although, smaller casts are encouraged for shorter productions)

  • 30 minutes or less

  • Original script

Not interested in the Festival? Check out the blurb below about our One Acts series during our regular season productions.

do you have a one-act you want to see on the stage?

Our One Acts series is our chance to produce smaller shows that otherwise couldn't be done on their own. Past shows have included works by Lanford Wilson, John Guare, Christopher Durang, and Tennessee Williams. It's also an opportunity to produce original works for local playwrights.

Much like our regular season, we ask for submissions from the general public about shows they would like to direct. Casting is up to the director (either open auditions or cast individually), and performances are during the "dark nights" during our regular shows' runs, specifically the Tuesday and Wednesday between the first and second week.

This year we are also presenting a One Act Festival in February made up of all original works! We will be presenting nine new plays over one weekend, with each play getting one performance either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

What to keep in mind

Aside from the length of the play (between 10 and 50 minutes, ideally), there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when submitting a show:

  • Budget: There is no on-stage budget allotted for the One-Acts. ACT 1 secures and pays for the the rights and the space, but the rest is up to you.

  • Set: Because these shows will be performed on the existing set for whatever the main show happens to be, we encourage shows that have extremely simple sets (previous shows have been done with merely a bench, or with a partition to give the scene a "back" and to mask the set). For the one-act festival, there will be no existing set, but nine plays will be sharing a space, so keeping the set minimal will be essential then, too.

  • Costumes and Props: Because scenes will be sharing space and storage is at a minimum, we recommend scripts that have minimal costume and prop needs.

  • Sound and Light Cues: Light cues will be at a minimum; a simple fade up and fade out is all that can be guaranteed, as lights are set for the main stage show and cannot be moved. We will set up basic lighting for the festival, and we will try to make it as versatile as possible. ACT 1 will provide the light board operator, but sound cues (and sound operator) will need to be provided by the individual production crews.

Schedules: Performances are on the Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between the first and second weekends of the main-stage shows. (For example, the first one-acts this season will be October 15th & 16th during The Nightmarium Incident, which runs October 11-19.) Load-in and tech for the one-acts is on the Sunday evening prior to opening, with an on-stage dress rehearsals Monday evening. For the One-Acts Festival, load-in and tech for all plays will be Sunday, with dress rehearsals Monday through Wednesday evenings and performances Thursday through Saturday evenings.

Reach out to Lane Wright if you have any additional questions!