Dates: September 14th 2:00-5:00pm & September 15th 6:00-9:00pm
location: woodland presbyterian church

What’s wrong with 9-year-old Jesse? His teacher says it’s ADD. His Dad says, “He’s just a boy!” And Mama’s on a quest for answers. In this funny, provocative, and poignant play, a handful of actors play a multitude of characters amid a swirl of set, images, and sounds. All sides of the ADD dilemma get a passionate voice, and the chaos begs yet another question: Are we so tuned in to our 24/7 info-rich world that we’ve tuned out what really matters?

Show dates:
November 15, 16, 17 & 21, 22, 23

2 men, 5 women (all to play in the range of 30-ish to 50-ish)
1 boy to play 9 yrs
1 girl to play 16 yrs

*Use of strong language required for all characters – even by children!

Character Descriptions:

Mama – Narrates the story. Smart, warm, witty, wry, stays positive as much as possible, and will go to any lengths to help her son, Jesse.

Dad – A “guy’s guy,” Bright, witty, quick impulses. Easygoing until pushed – and even then, vehement rather than mean.

Jesse – A great, but wild kid. Funny, impulsive, impatient, anxious, loves the F-bomb. (Note: Jesse will be offstage for most of the show, but his voice is a big, constant impact on the action. He will be visible more during this production than is usual for this character.)

Sherry – A well-off suburban mom with two behaviorally challenged children – and plenty of neuroses of her own. But she covers her pain with a smile and chases it with a doughnut.

Natalie – Sherry’s daughter, typical goth teen (or something similar). Bipolar, so we see her sweetest highs and bitterest lows. She’s a cutter.

Vera – Another mom in the neighborhood. She seems to have Asperger’s Syndrome – no people skills! But she tries to be helpful and fit in.

Female Multiplayer – Will play Dr. Waller (smart neuropsychologist, going through a messy divorce), Mrs. Holly (Jesse’s teacher, passionate but overworked and underpaid), Nurse (happy, down-to-earth, attentive), and UPS Driver (disgruntled). Fun with accents encouraged. Drops character occasionally.

Female Multiplayer – Will play Dr. Zavala (child psychologist, dedicated but anxious, may be new at this), Waitress (spacey, likely has ADD), and Carolyn (mother of autistic child, pleased but waiting for the shoe to drop). Fun with accents encouraged. May drop character occasionally.

Male Multiplayer – Will play Daniel (homeopathic doctor, relaxed and groovy) Allergist (pretty much the exact opposite), Dr. Jinks (Highly respected psychiatrist, tightly buttoned), and Dr. Karnes. Fun with accents darn near mandatory. Will also drop out of character frequently and play “himself” (an actor with ADD).